Junkers 87 STUKA

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Junkers 87 Stuka was conceived as a dive bomber. First flight took place during 1935, and full scale production begun during 1936. Stukas were involved in the spanish civil war in order to test its efectiveness in combat. During 1939 and early 1940 Stukas enjoyed the reputation of the terror of the skies due to its performance in combat during the Poland, Norway and France campaigns. But in all this campaigns it had no real opposition. When the Battle of Britain took place, late 1940, Stukas took so many casualties that it was soon withdrawn from battle. But in the next campaigns like Greece and Russia, where the axis forces enjoyed air superiority the Stukas returned to its excellent performance as a bomber. In 1942-1945 its main role was close support on the eastern front attacking armour. Termination of production took place in 1944.

Technical data

Power: 1.100 hp original version and 1.300 hp improved version

Dimensions: 13.8 m Span, 15.25 m lenght, 3.9 m height

Weight: 2750 kg empty


Stukas flying over Poland

Stukas waiting to attack Yugoslavia and Greece in a Bulgarian airfield.




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